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Orange Line to Tennessee is a collection of Mayela’s late night musings paired with her artistic eye which finds beauty in the simplest moments. Her poems and pictures merge to give us the feeling that we are in a secret space, sheltered by the words alone. She speaks her truth and keeps you wondering, why, who, and we sometimes know where. Pack your bags and join her on this poetic journey. The invitation is always open.

Praise for Orange Line to Tennessee

In these lines there are travels to ephemeral sites, evaporating lovers, a collection of letters to an intimate partner and yet, “you disappear back into yourself.” We arrive at the core of all things, the “dot.” That is, the ever receding and the ever expanding point of “becoming.” Bodies and lips, “interstellar forces,” the “good,” the “gratitude,” the mirrored photographs, the relaxed flow of lines and terms follow the furious Tibetan “Wind Horse.” The horse painted, given form by Mayela’s voice, an explosive imagination, it gallops soaked in the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. The questions become:Suffering or Ecstasy? Meditation? The Shout of Desire? Applaud Mayela Padilla in this most gifted, daring book of quiet, flaming adventure and lines of enlightenment.
Juan Felipe Herrera
Poet Laureate of the United States, Emeritu